3 Ways to Create Awesome Content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest growing social media platforms on the planet. Up against names like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, Instagram seems to be holding its own as the world’s most user-friendly and interactive app. However, this social media empire is geared toward people from all walks of life, making it difficult to post high-quality content 100% of the time.

Note: the word used was “difficult,” not “impossible.” Creating an awesome post or developing an eye-catching persona on Instagram is a lot easier when you specialize for your intended audience. After that, it’s all a matter of quality over quantity. In other words, start small and iterate relentlessly. Over time, you should be able to increase your fan base significantly and begin to enjoy more followers and member interaction as a result.

3 Surefire Ways to Create Quality Content on Instagram

IG is growing at an exponential rate, and the reason may be due to the relative freedom with which members can post content on their user profiles. It’s possible to find almost anything on Instagram these days. Unfortunately, too much freedom can lead to restriction, at least in terms of creativity and effectiveness. To make your Instagram content pack more of a punch, use the following 3 guidelines:

  1. Keep Your Pictures on Point

Most of the time, people come to Instagram to look at all the pretty pictures. Because the word count limit is so minimal on this platform, photos are the primary means of communication between members. Therefore, the importance of high-quality photography cannot be overstated.

Although you may be snapping low resolution pics from your cell phone or tablet, it’s still possible to churn out attractive and engaging photos. For starters, it wouldn’t hurt to download a photo editing app that allows you to customize your images in creative ways. Sometimes, it’s not just about the content of the picture but the aesthetics of it instead.

  1. Tag It and Bag It

As you probably know already, Instagram is one of those social network sites that has popularized the use of hashtags. What are hashtags, you ask? Well, hashtags are a specialized form of metadata used for microblogging. In simpler terms, they allow social media users to search the platform based on a specific theme or type of content. So, when you’re creating content for Instagram, utilizing those hashtags to your advantage can drastically increase the number of followers on your page.

  1. Try to Stay Fresh

Make sure you’re staying updated on the latest news, both locally and globally. Most people use social media as a way to gather important information that was once delivered exclusively through news broadcasts. In fact, many users consider the candid nature of social media to be more reputable than mainstream media.

By staying fresh with your content, users will be more likely to stumble across your profile because it’s so relevant. Outdated or uninteresting posts will get you nowhere, even if you have the best pictures and most popular hashtags on the planet. Combine a hot or somewhat controversial post with some stellar photography and a few catchy hashtags and you have the recipe for some amazing Instagram content.


Be sure to take some target practice before posting on social media platforms like Instagram. In other words, study your ideal demographic (a.k.a. your target market). Who will you be posting for? What message are you trying to convey? How interesting do you think your content will be for those people? Try to specialize your content as much as possible and make yourself an instant Instagram authority.