Instagram Marketing Tips

Whether you have an established presence on social media platforms or if you’re just starting out, everyone can use a few marketing tips to help drive more leads to your business.

Here are a few Instagram tips to help you do just that.


Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are two peas in a pod. They work together to help build a business, create brand recognition, and – when it comes right down to it – put more money in your pocket. Here are some tips on getting it done:


– First: Identify your market. Sounds pretty simplistic, but you would be amazed at how many people just jump into business and try to promote themselves without ever identifying the market audience they want to break into. Do yourself a favor and sit down and write out exactly what you want your Instagram account to do for you.

– Second: Target your market. Let’s say you specialize in movies. That’s a huge medium, so, narrow it down a little more. For instance, horror films. Now here’s where targeting can get a little tricky. You don’t want to be too broad (like with a general stamp of movies), and you don’t want to be too specific (only Italian horror movies produced by middle-aged men from 1960 to 1962). What you want is a focused niche that you can speak directly to.

– Third: Follow others! Yes, the best thing you can do is start to follow people who have the same interests as your company. Sticking with the horror film example, there are hundreds of thousands of Instagram users who religiously follow horror accounts. Start following these users, and start identifying the movers and shakers in the Instagram community.

–  Fourth: Movers and shakers lead the way. Yes, there are people you can use as gauges for your target audience. These individuals have made a successful go at building a following on Instagram. For instance, if you create tee-shirts with famous horror posters on them, seek out models who specialize in horror clothing. Private message them and ask them if they would wear one of your shirts and give you a shout-out and a couple of pictures on their account. Most of the models will say yes, especially if they’re going to get a few free tee-shirts out of the deal. This is a win/win for your business and the model. You get free advertising; the model increases their following.

– Fifth: Hashtag it! I cannot stress how important hashtags are when it comes to Instagram. Hashtags are how people can find you and your business. But you need to learn about hashtags; you can’t just slap one on #everything. In fact, Instagram has some strict rules about hashtag usage that not everyone knows about. Instagram likes to see a post average about 10 hashtags at the end. More than that, the platform’s algorithms take notice of you. And if you keep up with the excessive hashtagging, they start to make your account invisible. What does that mean? Simply put, if you’re hashtagging thirty or forty different ways to talk about horror, people looking for horror won’t be able to see your posts. And that is not the way to increase your cash flow.


Instagram and Facebook

Instagram is an exceptionally user-friendly platform, and you can link your business’ Facebook account to it. This means that you can create ads to promote your business on Facebook, and it will publish those ads to Instagram. While this can get a little pricey at times, you will definitely increase your following and be able to drive leads to your business.

So, learn about #hashtags and build that following!